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Brambley Furniture
108-112 Westmoor Street, Charlton,
London, SE7 8NQ, UK.

Tel 0208 858 6110 Fax 0208 305 0907

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Finished in oven-hardened acrylic paint, all Brambley furniture is available in satin clack, white, racing green, gunmetal green and verdigris. Please note that the sample colours here are not exact and slight variations can occur.
Brambley was established in 1960 to maintain the tradition of creating handcrafted furniture which adds style and grace to the home and garden.

The pattern shop at work

Brambley products continue to be cast in sand moulds and finished by hand thus enabling the intricate designs of the pattern maker to be retained.

Hand-pouring into a sand mould

At every stage in their making Brambley furniture enjoys that old fashioned attention to quality which make it a delight to own.

Brambley furniture is built to last. With minimum attention it will provide years of faultless use.

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Click here to send us a Message

Brambley Furniture
108-112 Westmoor Street
Charlton, London
SE7 8NQ, England.
Tel 0208 858 6110 Fax 0208 305 0907

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